iPad has always offered a uniquely simple yet powerful and immersive experience. It’s an astounding piece of glass, capable of unlocking new ways of thinking, creating, and learning. 



iPad Pro is more than the next generation of iPad — it’s an uncompromising vision of personal computing for the modern world. It puts incredible power that leaps past most portable PCs at your fingertips. It makes even complex work as natural as touching, swiping, or writing with a pencil. And whether you choose the 12.9-inch model or the new 9.7-inch model, iPad Pro is more capable, versatile, and portable than anything that’s come before. In a word, super.

starting at $799
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Accessories built for iPad Pro

Apple Pencil / $129

Apple Smart Keyboard / from $199

iPad Air 2

Not only is iPad Air 2 thinner, it’s also a lot more powerful. The new A8X chip delivers substantially better CPU and graphics performance than its predecessor. In fact, with its 64-bit desktop-class architecture, iPad Air 2 is as powerful as many personal computers. It’s power efficient, too, with a 10-hour battery life that lets you work, play, surf and shop all day long.

starting at $499
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iPad mini 4

There’s more to mini than meets the eye. The new iPad mini 4 puts uncompromising performance and potential in your hand. It’s thinner and lighter than ever before, yet powerful enough to help you take your ideas even further.

starting at $439
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iPad mini 2

Any way you look at it, iPad mini 2 is just incredible. And the stunning Retina display is only the beginning. With the A7 chip, advanced wireless, and powerful apps — all beautifully integrated with iOS 9 — iPad mini 2 lets you do more than you ever imagined. Feature for feature, it’s identical to the original iPad Air in every way. Except for its super-portable, hold-it-in-one-hand, still-just-right mini size.

starting at $329
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