Your Mac laptop and desktop computer can do many smart things that you might not have realized. The latest update to the macOS system, Mojave, brought with it even more features. Here is a rundown of the most useful tips and tricks:

Dark Mode

This mode is not entirely new to Macs. Users have been able to switch to a dark menu bar and Dock since El Capitan (2015) and use Night Shift to tone down the bright-blue light in favour of warmer light that is easier on the eyes since macOS Sierra. But, when Mojave arrived, users were finally able to switch to a completely redesigned, darker interface. The mode does not work on all apps, though. A Pages document will still have black text on a white background.

To turn on Mojave Dark Mode:

Open System Preferences.

Click on the General tab.

Beside Appearance, choose Dark.

Desktop Stacks in Mojave

Most of us file on our Mac by saving to or dragging and dropping onto our Desktops. Apple even endorses this behaviour - allowing users to sync their desktops between different Macs, and also access files on Mac desktop from other iOS devices.

The problem with this is that eventually, your desktop ends up covered in screenshots, files, and photos. You could create different folders to organize your data or, Mojave could do it for you.

With Desktop Stacks in Mojave, you can group items together according to several classifications.

This way all your images, screenshots, PDFs, etc become grouped in separate Stacks, instead of being scattered all over your desktop.

How to turn on Desktop Stacks:

Right-click in the desktop and choose Use Stacks.

Or, click on the desktop and then click View > Use Stacks.

Universal Copy and Paste

On devices where you have signed into your iCloud account, you can copy from one device and paste to another. So, if you copy from your iPhone, you can paste it on your Mac. This feature happens automatically with compatible devices, so there’s no need to enable any settings.

Menu Bar

Hold down the Command key and, using your trackpad or mouse, rearrange the icons in the menu bar.

Dragging Text

You can pull text into another app on your Mac by highlighting text, then using the trackpad or your mouse to drag it to a different app window. You can even create a new text clip document by dragging text to the desktop.

Split-Screen Multitasking

Click and hold the mouse cursor on the green button in the upper left-hand corner of any app window to quickly access the split-screen multitasking mode on your Mac.


Hold down the Command and Control keys while pressing the spacebar to bring up an emoji menu where you can select an emoji to insert into any document or message.


When watching a video, like on YouTube, click the Picture-in-Picture button on the bottom right of the video player (it looks like an arrow pointing at a different screen). If there is no Picture-in-Picture button, you can hold down Control and double-click inside the video to open up a shortcut menu. From there, you will have a separate video window that can be resized and moved around.

Signing Documents

When viewing a PDF or document in an app, you can use tools to insert your signature. You can use your finger to create a signature using the trackpad on your Mac, which is an easy way to sign digital documents.