This year’s update to the iMac 21.5in with Retina 4K display delivers on a lot of levels.  Starting at $1,729, it boasts both a Kaby Lake Intel Core i5 processor and a high quality Radeon Pro 555 Video Card.  This is a powerhouse desktop for the design professional or gamer.  The price tag is jaw-dropping considering its specs are comparable only to the 15in MacBook Pro with Touch Bar… for $3,199. 

Lets take a closer look at the tech specs and what they mean for performance.

If the new Kaby Lake Processor is the hero of the story, then the Radeon Pro 555 Video card is a truly impressive sidekick.  As a dedicated (or discrete) graphics card, the Radeon Pro 555 has its own independent source of video memory with up to 4 GB of dedicated VRAM.  This frees the system RAM so our hero can focus on operating system tasks without diverting resources for graphics tasks.  This kind of dedicated graphics scenario is ideal for high-level gaming or professional design and video work.

Design and graphics creation is much easier for a computer with a dedicated video card. 

Design and graphics creation is much easier for a computer with a dedicated video card. 

In order to get the best speed and performance from the new 21.5in iMac Retina 4K, Apple first bumped up the RAM to 2400 MHz DDR4, improving clock speeds while reducing the power required to do so.  Second, Apple has included two blazingly fast Thunderbolt 3 ports (a.k.a. USB-C) and four traditional USB 3.0 ports.  This makes working with external displays, hard drives, and other peripherals swifter and easier than ever.



Not only is the new 21.5in 4K iMac faster and more powerful, but the already impressive display has been beautifully improved.  With over two million pixels packed into the Retina LED screen, it’s now 43 per cent brighter and capable of a billion colours.  Apple states that iMac users will now be enjoying an “even more vivid and true-to-life viewing experience.”

And here’s the crazy thing….

It’s cheaper.

At $1,729, it’s hard to believe what Apple has packed into this entry-level 21.5in iMac. Consider the superior processors, robust video cards, faster RAM, dual Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C capability (plus four USB 3.0 ports), with an improved and brighter display — all for $170 less than its 2015 counterpart.

We feel that with the price reduction and these internal improvements, users wanting a powerful yet economical desktop computer will be very pleased indeed!  For a breakdown of customizable options, more information and technical specifications, please see the iMac page on our website here.  For a hands-on demo, come see us in the store at 1052 Queen Street West.  Our sales team is dedicated to helping you get the right computer, every time.