Heralded as the most versatile wireless sound system available, Sonos uses Wi-Fi to wrap its users in a blanket of balanced sound to make music and television an immersive experience.  The beauty of using Wi-Fi is you will never have to worry about the music being interrupted by an incoming phone call or a text notification.  Now, you can fill as many rooms as you like with great sounding music, movies and TV. 

For a truly custom demo experience, stop by the store at 1052 Queen Street West.  We'll help you download the free SONOS app to your iOS device, and our store staff will be happy to guide you through the SONOS experience. Listen to your own music through any of the SONOS speakers we have on display!

With the Sonos app, you have access to all your music libraries and music streaming services.  From the palm of your hand, you can sync all of your speakers to play the same track or send different music to different rooms.  You can even remotely adjust the volume and other settings. 

Whether you are setting up a single Play:1 in the bedroom or you’re configuring the ultimate home theatre system with multiple speakers and a Playbase, the Sonos iOS app provides the ultimate speaker tuning companion.  It's called Trueplay, and with it the iOS app analyses room size, layout, décor, speaker placement and any other acoustic factors to guarantee the speakers sound great, no matter where you’ve put them.  

For more cool videos and information about Trueplay and the Sonos iOS app, check out our Sonos Page on the website.