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Best Mac Tips and Timesavers

Best Mac Tips and Timesavers

Your Mac laptop and desktop computer can do many smart things that you might not have realized. The latest update to the macOS system, Mojave, brought with it even more features. Here is a rundown of the most useful tips and tricks.

Brush-Up Your Geek-Speak: WWDC

Brush-Up Your Geek-Speak: WWDC

Impress your friends, kids, and colleagues with this little brain-tickling list of our top five things to come out of WWDC…

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A Little Respect for iPhone 6

Shot with an iPhone 6, Space Grey

Shot with an iPhone 6, Space Grey

Debating whether or not to upgrade to an iPhone 6? Check out the lowlight performance at the Erasure concert (yes they're still together and touring) on Sept. 30th. This unedited photo shows just how impressive the new sensor's dynamic range is. There's plenty of shadow detail in the crowd and the rafters and the spotlights are nicely exposed too. Notice Vince Clarke rocking the MacBook Pro?

If you've recently picked up an iPhone 6 and are looking for a case, you need to stop by and check out our selection. We have several models available from: Otterbox, Incipio, Uncommon, iLuv, Ballistic and more.

Upgrade or Buy New?

Are you at the crossroads? Unsure whether it's worth it to upgrade your aging Mac or just get a new one? Depending on what you use your system for, it may make sense to keep what you have and soup it up. 

One of the biggest advancements in computer performance over the last ten years was the introduction of the SSD. An SSD (solid-state drive) records data to very fast chips instead of spinning magnetic discs. This translates to ridiculously fast start-up times, application launch times, file saves and speed gains in certain rendering tasks. If your Mac supports an SSD (all Mac Pros, all MacBooks and MacBook Pros, all Mac minis and many iMacs) you should consider a switch. Your built-in drive can be installed in an external case and used as a Time Machine backup, or as additional storage for apps, music, documents, etc.

As OS X has gotten more advanced, and software developers release newer and newer versions of their apps, the need for more RAM increases. If your system only has 2GB or 4GB RAM and is upgradeable, you should consider taking it up to 8GB or beyond.

Head over to our upgrades page and send us the details on your Mac. We'll tell you what your system is capable of, with a no-obligation quote.