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Sometimes size DOES matter

This weekend I was getting my 32GB iPad ready for a driving trip and was transferring my movie collection for the kids when I saw the dreaded "not enough storage" error. I just bought Frozen on Bluray last week and it came with an HD digital download for the iPad which is a whopping 3.2GB and wouldn't fit on the remaining space I had.

Looks like it's time to upgrade to the 64GB model if I'm going to have enough content to keep the kids entertained on the driving trip to Nova Scotia. Thankfully Carbon Computing has a few 64GB iPad mini's left at the clearance price of $429; that's $70 off the regular price

iPad mini 64GB

The 64GB iPad mini has 4x the storage for holding movies, music, games and more and they're the gorgeous Black & Slate colour (no longer in production). If you need more than 16GB and you like saving money, hurry in and get a 64GB iPad mini today. Let's Talk!