Guaranteed Buyback


Guaranteed Buyback

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A cost effective way to stay current with your Mac technology

Available Exclusively at Carbon Computing

The program is simple. Buy a new Mac with AppleCare and trade it within 24 months and get a new one for half off MSRP*. The best part of this new program is that you can do it again and again – getting a new Mac every two years for half off.

Program Benefits

  • No obligation
  • No cost to join
  • Take advantage of the latest technology
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re always protected

If your Mac needs to visit our Service Centre in the first 24 months we’ll provide a FREE loaner while it’s here

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get all my files from one Mac to the other?

We recommend the use of an external hard drive as a Time Machine back up for your Mac. Use it as your daily back up and when you get the new Mac home, simply connect the drive and use the Migration Assistant in macOS to copy all the data from your Time Machine to the new Mac.

Do I have to wait 24 months to trade?

Absolutely not – trade as early as you like, but no later than 24 months.

Does this offer apply to clearance or used Macs?

This offer is only available for Macs purchased at our regular price with a corresponding AppleCare Plan. Discounted and used Macs are not eligible for the program.

If my trade-in is damaged will it be approved?

We’ll do our best to approve a trade-in with physical damage, provided it’s covered by AppleCare. Some physical damage, like broken glass or liquid spills will make a Mac in-eligible for trade. If you’re unsure, just give us a call.

Better Tools. Better Life.

Just think of how much more productive you'll be with a Mac that's always less than two years old.

Lightning–fast Thunderbolt I/O, flash storage, powerful multi-core CPUs... Reclaim your position at the head of the pack and enjoy the latest technologies sooner - exclusively from Carbon Computing.
Let's Talk!

Never Pay Full Price Again.

* the fine print
  • 50% discount toward a Mac of equal or lesser value
  • Each Mac must be purchased with AppleCare Plan
  • Computer and AppleCare must be purchased at our regular price
  • The trade in must take place within 24 months of purchase
  • Maximum discount is $2,000 per system
  • Trade-ins not covered by AppleCare will not be approved
  • Damaged systems may be rejected
  • Removal of core components may void trade eligibility

Trade Your Mac

Trade Your Mac

Trade your Mac for cash or discount on a new ONE

We have been taking trade–ins since the day we opened in 1993. Trading in is a great way to save some money off your new Mac and be environmentally conscious in the process. 

Systems that are covered under AppleCare will be approved on the spot after a quick inspection for damage. Systems that are no longer under AppleCare need to be signed in and tested for 24-48 hours.

Tell us about what you've got

Name *
Use the Model Identifier from the System Information app (it's in the Utilities folder)
Tell us the speed of your machine, how much RAM you have installed, the size of the hard drive/SSD, whether you have the original box and if the system is covered by AppleCare
Is this Mac part of our Guaranteed Buyback Program? *
For more info, click on Goodies - Guaranteed Buyback at the top of the page.
Do you want to just sell us your Mac for cash or will you be trading in toward a new system? Trade for a new Mac and you'll only pay tax on the difference!

Tips for trading in: 

Systems under AppleCare are worth more. If you have the original computer box, let us know because that adds value too. 

Make sure you back up your data before bringing your Mac in for testing. 

If your trade is being done as part of our Guaranteed Buyback Program let us know in the Additional Comments what Mac you'd like to trade up to.

How to erase your mac properly before selling

Learn how to back up and remove the data from your Mac before selling or giving the computer away.

When preparing to sell or give away your Mac, you may want to erase some or all files from its hard drive. But first determine whether you should back up your computer and disable certain features and services. These steps show the recommended sequence of actions:

  1. Deauthorize your computer from iTunes, if applicable.

  2. Back up your data using Time Machine or other backup method.

  3. If you use Find My Mac or other iCloud features on this Mac, complete these steps:

    • Back up your iCloud content.

    • Choose Apple Menu () > System Preferences, then click iCloud.

    • Deselect the Find My Mac checkbox.

    • Sign out of iCloud. When you sign out of iCloud, you're asked whether you want to remove iCloud data from your Mac. Removing iCloud data in this way makes sure that the data isn't also removed from any of your other devices that are using the same iCloud account.

  4. If you're using OS X Mountain Lion v10.8 or later, sign out of iMessage:

    • In the Messages app, choose Preferences > Accounts.

    • Select your iMessage account, then click Sign Out.

  5. Reformat your hard drive and reinstall macOS. The easiest method is to restart your Mac and hold Command-R and use the Restore tools.

  6. After you reformat your hard drive and reinstall macOS, the computer restarts to a Welcome screen and asks you to choose a country or region. If you want to leave the Mac in an out-of-box state, don't continue with the setup of your system. Instead, press Command-Q to shut down the Mac. When the new owner turns on the Mac, the Setup Assistant will guide them through the setup process.




Need a Mac or iPad for a day, week or month?

Rent a Mac or iPad

Call us to discuss your needs and we'll custom-tailor a rental solution for you. We have daily, weekly and monthly rates on a wide variety of equipment. Are you doing staff training? We can custom-configure your rental units with a standardized disk image. 

Available to rent: MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac, Cintiq, displays and iPads. 

iPad rental units

Purchasing Rental Units

If you decide to buy at the end of your rental, we'll apply 50% of the rental price toward the purchase. Perfect for businesses that hire a contract editor and later bring them on full time.

If you're looking for a new Mac and want to save a bundle, ask about purchasing equipment from our rental pool. Let's Talk!

Is your Mac in for service?

We can help you remain productive even while your Mac is being serviced. Ask a sales rep about renting a system until your repair is complete. 

If your Mac is covered by our exclusive Guaranteed Buyback Program you're entitled to a free loaner.*

*Rental agreement and credit card paperwork required.




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Terms Accounts

Does your business, education institution or government branch issue purchase orders? You may be eligible for a terms account with Carbon Computing. We'll work with you to structure payment options so that you can get the solutions you need today.

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