we're here for a reason...


...and it's to serve you.


Hi there neighbour!

Maybe you've seen our store on WestQueenWest, or maybe you haven't. We moved into the 'hood in 2015 and we thought it was about time we officially introduced ourselves.

We're Carbon Computing, and we're what you call an Apple Specialist - which means we know a lot about Apple... and a lot about other things too!  We're authorized dealers of all the items that make life fun - SONOS, Wacom, DJI,  Beats... the list goes on. Think of us as your local technology experts, always looking to help you get the tech you need to make your life easier, nicer, or just plain cooler.

We've come up with some exclusive offers for our neighbours, but really, we're hoping you'll stop by to say hi, see what we have to offer and hopefully come to us the next time you're looking for something new.

We're local and we're here to stay. Come and see why some call us the best place to buy a Mac, period.

Have any questions? Feel free to let us know!


Local offer #1

Free System Diagnostic + Malware Scan and Removal

What's the use of being an expert if you don't share what you know to help your neighbours?

Bring your Mac into the shop and we'll give it a free system diagnostic
(a $65 value). While it's here, we'll also scan it for Malware and remove anything we find. Absolutely free.

Once we determine the state of your machine, we can discuss best next steps... be it upgrades to your RAM or HD, suggestions on a new machine or nothing at all (because your system is already awesome) ! 

To redeem this offer, bring in the postcard that led you to this page. Easy as that. (Don't worry, you'll get the postcard back!)



Local offer #2

Pricing like the Big Leagues

Why should businesses be the only ones to get preferred pricing? 

By adding you to our exclusive locals-only database, we'll guarantee you the best price on everything we have to offer — period. 3% here, 10% there, 40% when it's called for... we'll ensure you get the best option possible at the best price possible.

And if that wasn't enough, we'll extend our regular offers for longer durations for you... all just for being local.

Just bring in your postcard and we'll get you setup in our system so you can enjoy these discounts without even having to ask!

How cool is that?