Managed IT and Support Services.

Apple Certified Technical Coordinators

Carbon Computing's Support Team is comprised of the best Apple consultants in town. We have more than 20 years of experience in setting up networks and servers in graphics, video, dental and education environments.

Network Analysis and Design

Installing a network doesn't just mean plugging all the computers into a switch. Analyzing the data flow and the amount of bandwidth needed for each part of the operation is vital in creating a fast and robust network. Sound like a big chore? Let us help!

VPN Configuration

Do your staff need access to your network from outside the office? We can help ensure that communication is safe and secure.

Wireless Networking and Security Expertise

Wireless networks are becoming extremely fast and cost effective when you compare them to wired networks, but when you decide to set up a wireless network, it is vital that you secure it from the prying eyes. We will help you secure your wireless network to ensure the confidentiality of your data.

Directory Services

Whether your environment is dominated by Open Directory, Active Directory or a combination of both, we can link them all together using mobile accounts and Active Directory mapping.

Back Up

Need a plan to protect your data? We provide Enterprise-grade Backup for your business.


Moving from a Windows-based architecture to Open Directory, Active Directory, Exchange Mail Services, file, web and print services or from other Unix backends? Carbon Consulting services can help with the transition and give you confidence in the solution.

Deployment, Monitoring and High Availability

Carbon Computing brings the best practices and efficiency to help ensure the best management and deployment macOS desktops. We can customize and create a wide variety of deployment solutions to fit your present and future needs. Need help setting up OS X Server to provide DNS, DHCP, LDAP, or even fail-over capabilities?

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